Persia Blues, Volume 2
Persia Blues, Volume 2

Persia Blues, Volume 2

Love and War

By Dara Naraghi, Illustrated by Brent Bowman

Persia Blues


112 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Paperback

Paperback, $12.99 (US $12.99) (CA $15.99)

Publication Date: December 2015

ISBN 9781561639779

Price: $12.99


Minoo Shirazi's mysterious double-life continues to unfold across 2000 years of history. In the fantastical world of ancient Persia, the shock of discovering her royal heritage is overshadowed by the imminent invasion of Ahriman's armies. Only by finding the empire's champion, Rostam, can she hope to turn back the tide of evil. While in the modern world, Minoo's life unfolds in Iran and America – where she has recently begun her graduate studies – as she deals with her stern father, dying mother, lost brother, and new American boyfriend. Across myths and modern realities, we delve deeper into the truth of Minoo's life.

Author Biography

Dara Naraghi is the author of the graphic novels Lifelike; Persia Blues, Volume 1; Terminator: Salvation; and Witch & Wizard: Battle for Shadowland. He is a founding member of the comic book writers/artists collective known as PANEL, with whom he has produced 20 volumes of their comics' anthology. Brent Bowman is an illustrator of Persia Blues, Volume 1. His work has appeared in publications by Image Comics and Caliber Press, as well as the collectible card game Age of Empires. They both live in Columbus, Ohio.