The Silent Invasion, Red Shadows
The Silent Invasion, Red Shadows

The Silent Invasion, Red Shadows

By Larry Hancock, Illustrated by Michael Cherkas, Foreword by Max Allan Collins

Silent Invasion


160 Pages, 7 x 10

Formats: Paperback, ebook: PDF

Paperback, $16.99 (CA $22.99) (US $16.99)

Publication Date: September 2018

ISBN 9781681121741

Price: $16.99


A wild comics series focusing on paranoia and conspiracy—brought back to life at the perfect historical moment

In this era of fake news and "deep state," this couldn't be more timely! The paranoid cult-classic science fiction mystery series from the early days of indie comics returns! Set against the background of a nightmarish 1950s crawling with communist spies, corrupt FBI agents, McCarthyites, Stalinists, cold warriors, flying saucers, and mysterious government organizations, The Silent Invasion weaves a byzantine tale of mystery and deceit, as a bewildered investigative reporter, Matt Sinkage, pursues the truth behind an apparent alien invasion that points to involvement at the highest levels of American government officials. The series will begin with two books reprinting the original volumes, followed by the newly collected third album and concluding with a brand new fourth book.


"Like the greatest episodes of The Twilight Zone, The Silent Invasion mashes together the earthbound fears of a particular time with a threat from the outside to make an argument about the world around us" —William Kulesa, Jersey Journal

Authors are interviewed on podcast "More to Come" with Calvin Reid at the 42 minute mark —Interview, Publishers Weekly

""A dark tale blend of intrigue, sci-fi, and hard-boiled noir, The Silent Invasion: Red Shadows is riveting to the last page and highly recommended." —Midwest Book Review

"This reissue of a cult classic sci-fi mystery that touches upon deep state conspiracies and fake news remains incredibly relevant." —Ann Foster, School Library Journal

Author Biography

Larry Hancock is an accountant by day and an undercover comics writer by night, uncovering circumvoluted paranoid plots. Michael Cherkas is a graphic artist and designer and comics artist. Max Allan Collins is the best-selling author of the Nathan Heller mystery series and The Road to Perdition.