Glacial Period
Glacial Period

Glacial Period

Louvre Collection


80 Pages, 8.5 x 11

Formats: Hardcover, ebook: PDF

Hardcover, $22.99 (US $22.99) (CA $22.99)

Publication Date: June 2014

ISBN 9781561638550

Price: $22.99


In this fanciful and richly imaginative story, one of the most original and important young European comic artists imagines a frozen world thousands of years hence in which all human history has been forgotten. A small group of archaeologists come upon the Louvre, buried in age-old snow, and cannot begin to explain all of the artifacts they see. Their interpretations of the wonders before them strike a humorous, absurd, and farcical tone. One of the few books coedited by the Louvre, this graphic novel features stunning illustrations as it presents a unique vision of the great museum.


"De Crécy's storytelling is agile, witty, and peppered with surprising twists. Beautiful and muted watercolor panels."  —School Library Journal

"De Crécy is a gifted storyteller whose eye for body language and ear for a funny line never fails him. He deftly combines art history, science fiction and simple philosophizing in a short but very sweet tale."  —Publishers Weekly

"De Crécy's art is breathtaking, he lives up to his reputation as a mad genius with this amusing work."  —Booklist

"A clever upending of the resilient myth that masterworks of art preserve the history and spirit of their era; the meaning of art, De Crécy suggests, belongs to the people who experience it."  —Washington Post

"I love this book so much. it's a sly satire on art history and a spectacular visual narrative all by itself." —Heidi McDonald, Comics Beat

"There is some farce inside, the book does not take itself too seriously. I enjoyed it, and recommend it to those who can laugh at their cultural selves." —Ralph Peterson, San Francisco Review

Author Biography

Nicolas De Crécy is a comic artist whose work includes Bug Jargal, Foligatto, León la Came, Salvatore 1: Transports of Love, and Salvatore 2: An Eventful Crossing. He also contributed to the feature film La Vieille Dame et les Pigeons.