Guardians of the Louvre
Guardians of the Louvre

Guardians of the Louvre


136 Pages, 7.5 x 11

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Publication Date: May 2016

ISBN 9781681120355

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Acclaimed manga artist Jiro Taniguchi provides the latest entry in the Louvre collection of graphic novels. After a group trip to Europe, a Japanese artist stops in Paris alone, intent on visiting the museums of the capital. But, bedridden in his hotel room with fever, he faces the absolute solitude of one suffering in a foreign land, deprived of any immediate or familiar recourse. When the fever breaks somewhat, he sets out on his visit and promptly gets lost in the crowded halls of the Louvre. Very soon, he discovers many unsuspected facets to this world in a museum in a journey oscillating between feverish hallucination and reality, actually able to speak with famous painters from various periods of history, led to crossroads between human and personal history by... the Guardians of the Louvre.


"Spring '16 Top Ten Graphic Novel. Taniguchi’s entry in this long-running series of graphic novels commissioned by the Louvre veers between fantasy and introspection to explore the meaning of art in our lives" —Heidi McDonald, Publishers Weekly

"Readers willing to go along for an unusual ride will find themselves on a voyeuristic trip that illuminates the complex relationship between art and life." —Summer Hayes, Booklist

"Taniguchi’s engagement with the Louvre’s classics offers a unique meeting of classical western art with contemporary Japanese manga, and the result is a beautiful, atmospheric work that engages the imagination and touches the soul." —Hans Rollman,

"Recommended! the emotions of its central character are deeply felt." —Alexandra Quay, School Library Connection

“Very polished and inviting.” —Andrew Smith, Indiana Gazette

Author Biography

Jirô Taniguchi, born in 1947 in Japan, is a leading manga artist with an important twist: his inspiration from French comics. His most noted graphic novels are the series Summit of the Gods and The Walking Man. He is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards in Japan as well as from the Angouleme festival.