Precinct 69, vol.2
Precinct 69, vol.2

Precinct 69, vol.2

Precinct 69


48 Pages, 8.5 x 11

Formats: Paperback, ebook: PDF

Paperback, $12.99 (US $12.99) (CA $15.99)

Publication Date: February 2016

ISBN 9781561639991

Price: $12.99


Another set of action packed police stories that will raise more than your hair! From two chick cops getting down on an informer to get the latest on a suspect only to find out he’s been shot dead , to the rich dude who lays the woman cop who saved his life before going ballistic for her dirtying his $4000 couch, to the blonde girl cop making out with her black superior to avoid being reassigned to traffic but ending up in traffic anyway, hey, it’s all action with a punch line release!

Author Biography

Carlos Jimenez is a comics artist residing in Spain.