Zombillenium, Vol. 4
Zombillenium, Vol. 4

Zombillenium, Vol. 4

Royal Witchcraft



48 Pages, 9 x 12

Formats: ebook: PDF, Hardcover

Hardcover, $16.99 (US $16.99) (CA $22.99)

Publication Date: July 2019

ISBN 9781681122199

Price: $16.99


The long awaited fourth volume of the bestselling series, complete with shocking new revelations and incredible paintings

Zombillenium Park has never been better. Its popularity reaches new heights following demonic reforms by Behemoth, who then decides to play his property in a very special competition: a witches' Sabbath! Gretchen, Aurelian, and Von Bloodt, meanwhile, have set up an underground escape network in order to offer the damned the chance for reconversion, far from the nine circles of Hell, a dangerous secret operation not appreciated by the park's board of directors. Determined to clean this out, they hire the services of a formidable enchantress who will turn into an arch rival of Gretchen. Underground as in the air, the fight promises to be epic! The resistance is organized in this fourth volume of Zombillenium, the monstrous bestselling and award-winning series by Arthur de Pins, eagerly awaited by fans after a long hiatus! What are Gretchen's true intentions? Will the undead succeed in asserting their rights? Who will be the future happy owner of the Zombillenium Park?


"It's a tough job market for everyone, but for none more than the undead. Fortunately for a certain Mr. Zahner, there's always a home for monsters at Zombillenium. The world and the implications of Zahner's transformations broaden at a steady pace, sweeping us along in their, heh, wake." —Teacher Librarian

"Full of witty dialogue and tongue-in-cheek cultural references. The illustrations are bright, colorful, and fun. The blossoming relationship between Aurelian and Gretchen creates an interesting dynamic and the end of the first volume leaves the reader eagerly anticipating what comes next for the pair." —VOYA

"This award-winning, laugh-aloud, smart comic should be of high interest to those who enjoy parodies and anything that pokes gentle fun at Harry Potter or the Twilight craze." —Booklist

"With its humor, clever pacing, and unique approach to the monster narrative, de Pins's tale throws zombie fans some fresh meat." —Publishers Weekly

Author Biography

Born in Brittany and bred in Versailles, Arthur de Pins started in animation and then transitioned to comics doing a regular strip for the subversive magazine Fluide Glacial. "Peches Mignons" ("Sweet Sins") is collected in three bestselling books. In 2010 he began this Zombillennium series for a leading French publisher, garnering quick commercial and critical success as well as the leading French prize in Angouleme for best comics for youth in 2012.